A little chat about ethics and responsiblity

I really love my little old geezers!  They are each as different as one could possibly imagine, but they are both so full of spunk as to bely their age.
Rascal’s stubby little legs have no trouble keeping up with the big dogs on the trail.   And if my littlest hobo needs to ‘hitchhike’ in his snugli now and then, he is still first in line full of terrier feist when the occasion arises.
They are both bright and curious and clever enough to keep learning new ‘tricks’.   Life as they now know it may be different … yet they have both been sensible enough to settle in smoothly!
Does that mean there were no speed bumps?   Of course not!   Andy may always have zero percent recall if I drop his leash on the trail.  Rascal is still learning that barking is not necessarily the path to success!
Neither of those are deal breakers.   Andy’s leash is always firmly looped around my wrist now in a half hitch and I am developing a repertoire of distractions to encourage better behaviour than barking!
But what it there HAD been a deal breaker?   Why then right there front and center in the adoption contracts I signed, they would have bounced right back to the rescue that they came from.
I have adopted four dogs and one cat in Nova Scotia.  Every contract I have signed included some version of the phrase ” If I am unwilling or unable to keep this pet I promise to return him or her to ……”
I have adopted pets from four Nova Scotia rescues.   Rascal came from ASDR.   Henry came from CAPS.   Morgan from SHAID.   Miss Ruby and Andy from ARC.
Five adoptions.  Five contracts.   Five promises to return!
There doesn’t seem to be a time limit on that either!  Just a few months ago, ARC had a return after fifteen years!    The dog had outlived his adopter … and when none of the family could step up, ARC took him back.  Took him back and found him a new home, please and thank you!
That is what a reputable rescue does!   It provides a security blanket for the adopter!   Even better, it recognizes pets may not be as confident and well behaved in a new environment … or in less experienced hands!  
Best of all, it protects the life of the pet … preventing the pet from being passed around like an old sock on Kijiji ..or worse!!!
Does that happen everywhere?   Sadly not.   What happens then?   If the adopter is Very Lucky .. another rescue may be able to help pick up the pieces. 
What happens when I hear about it?   If it comes from someone I consider to be a reliable source … or several someones … the rescue listing is removed from the homeless pet site.   Straight, sweet and simple.   They may eventually come back on in time … provided there has been no negative feedback for a while.
That type of behavior gives all rescues a bad name and I will not promote it on my site!
What happens when it is an SPCA branch?   Now THERE is a sticky wicket indeed.   People don’t differentiate between one branch and another.   Behavior at one branch tends to be taken as the status quo.   So rather than simply listing some branches, I am waiting until some of the big bits are sorted out so that I can list them all again.
These are difficult days for the society.   Their ED is working,  rather effectively I might add, at the mandate given her by the provincial board.    There has already been enough grandstanding there without adding to the upset, eh?   (The very interesting topic of how persona partaking in a recent revolution seem to have mysteriously acquired the AC contract in Yarmouth is a sticky subject that can wait until the bylaw is settled and the branch is back on its feet )
What time is it?    It is always time to remember that promoting responsible rescues and pet adoption is part and parcel of what the homeless pet sites are for.  

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