Sometimes … love really is all you need!

The geese are starting to gather!   This morning when we were up on the ridge, we could see them settled in the fields by the river, gossiping like long lost friends with every new group arriving in.
For the next couple of weeks, they will spend their days down there.  Like clockwork, they will fly back up the mountain at dusk to tuck in for the night.
I have been living out here for almost eighteen years and am still thrilled with it all!
Would it be quite so exciting if they lived here year round?  Of course not!   You will never see me dropping my dishcloth to run out and watch the ravens flying overhead, eh?
My inner overgrown kid never fails to be amazed that the geese find their way back to the same fields every year.  
A dear friend of mine finds just as much joy with the parade of kittens that she has been fostering for Pick of the Litter.  She has been regaling us on facebook with the delightful pictures of each litter that passes through.
These little transients are all dear to her … and she continually finds new and delightful ways to capture this on film 🙂
None of them are settling in to stay … so she will always have these lovely little souvenirs to remind her of the little ones she has nourished and cared for. 
Folks like Pat who foster kittens play a particularly valuable role.    Thanks to their good work, these little ones are better prepared to be purrfect pals.  These wee ones are socialized and playful and confident enough to fit in anywhere!
Best of all of course is the sure knowledge that every time one fosters, one really and truly is saving at least one life!
There is not a rescue anywhere in this province that actually has enough foster parents.   No matter where you live, odds are there is a group who would welcome your help.
What time is it?  It is always time to remember that fostering is one of the very easiest ways you can ever find to save a life!  The rescues provide all the food and vet care … love really is all you need to bring to the table!

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