You can get here from there …..

I love tales of redemption!   Whether my nose is buried in a book or I am curled up with the family circle watching a movie, my favourite stories always start with an underdog who has yet to find his or her best niche.
Humble little hobbits who are utterly unaware they are on their way to save the world! Corporate characters who are transformed by decent little booksellers!   Arrogant aristocrats who overcome pride and prejudice in the course of true love!
Why do these tales touch us so?   Why do second chances make such first rate stories?  
Each and every time we cheer on the ‘comeback kids’ we are keeping our minds and hearts open to the possibility of a bit of magic in our own everydays!
Truth isn’t just stranger than fiction … in most instances it trumps it in spades.   Who didn’t want to burst in tears for Quinn when we saw the first pictures after he was rescued?   Who would have imagined that less than two months of wonderful care would make such a difference?  (scroll down to see pics below if this is your  first time visiting here)
Who would ever have dared to dream that a dog who had spent a miserable life on the end of a chain could make such a wonderful transformation?
Why anyone who has ever spent any time with rescued dogs of course!    As one friend so aptly said, ” Its amazing what they can go through and still be so sweet”.
As Andy Rooney once said, ‘the average dog is a nicer person than the average person’.   Deep down we all know that its always possible for us to ‘be all that we can be’ and that is why we all love the comeback kids. 
One of the great sorrows of my life is that after adjusting to the novelty of domestic bliss after five years in an outdoor pen in Nfld,  that my Ben was not able to enjoy it for years and years instead of only a few sweet months.  Everything was a joy to him … no matter how small.  Was it all smooth?  Of course not but at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the best things in life are ALWAYS worth working for,eh?
When Miss Ruby was first rescued, her two year old self was a skeletal 40 pounds.   Even so, I could tell from the pictures that ARC sent me that my clever, clever girl already understood that life had just taken an abrupt turn for the better.  To put that in perspective, she has doubled her rescue weight without being plump.
Yet, she is not one bit food aggressive.  Why?  I often think dogs are bigger beings than we could ever dream of becoming.  There are no grudges … and it is the very rare instance where love and patience cannot rebuild confidence in even the most damaged of souls.
Henry came along with a whole luggage set of baggage that took the better part of two years to work our way through.  Do you know what that journey has done?   It has made us so close that to this day Henry is actually the best behaved of the bunch.
The point I am making in my meandering way is that in redefining what is treatable and savable, we are setting ourselves down the path to becoming better than average …. and yes ‘nicer’ people.
What time is it?   It is always time to remember that we can miss the best bits in life whenever we judge a book by its cover!

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