HART is having an Open House!

I once read that every writer should have a cat and you’ll get no argument from me on that score!  Not when the thing I most love about my big old wooden govt surplus desk is that it can sleep all six of my cats when I’m working at my computer!
To be perfectly honest … there are very few knots that cannot be unravelled with the comforting rumble of desk that purrs.  Even better, cats so love the company of their own kind that a multi cat household is more interesting than anything cable could offer.  Best of all, I would never need to spend a fortune on cat toys because of course the very best toy for a cat is another cat:)
Visitors to HART, which Laurie runs out of her home, are always treated to the delightful and entertaining experience of seeing well socialized cats in action. 
Any of these lovelies would be ready to fit in anywhere … and it is always tempting to tuck a couple in one’s pockets when its time to leave!
Where do these cats come from?  Sheesh … where DON’T they come from is more to the point!   Some are strays found by kind hearts without resources to keep them.  Some have sad enough back stories to rival the saddest, whiniest country song.  Some kittens were scooped up in TNR’s …. still young enough to be easily socialized.
Cat adoptions are down everywhere right now/  This is the time of year when free to a good homes / aka we were too stoopid to spay the cats … abound everywhere on Kijiji.  
Yet Laurie keeps getting the calls … dozens and dozens every day.   If only dozens and dozens of adopters were showing up every day, she could take every cat she is called about, eh?
Here in the real world … Kings County is lucky to have such unflagging passion for pussy cats!   Laurie rescues and rehomes hundreds of cats every year …. each and every one going on to become part of the (spayed and neutered) solution instead of adding to the cat overpopulation problem.
If you are curious about HART, Laurie is holding an Open House next week on Saturday, July 9th, in the afternoon and evening.   At the very least, its a chance for cat lovers to meet some of the sweet faces pictured below.  At the very best … besides supporting a great rescue … it is an unparalleled opportunity to meet the purrfect love of your life!
Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.  Robert A. Heinlein

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