Seven weeks …..

Seven weeks seems like a short time.   Its barely enough time for newly started tomato seeds to be ready for transplanting.   Its really not enough time for new pickles to properly mature.   And it certainly isn’t enough time to tell if the tiny little pears will survive their natural predators long enough to be picked.
Still, seven weeks can be a lifetime.   It was just seven weeks ago that Quinn’s life was about to take an abrupt turn for the better. 
Of course, Quinn had no idea that a rosy future was waiting in the wings.  How would he ever have imagined that kind words and a gentle touch were soon to be his?   Would he ever have dreamt of the lovely healing baths?  Of having his poor sore teeth fixed?  
He probably wouldn’t have dared to imagine that in seven weeks he would be the well established celebrity greeter at Goshe Pet Care.  That regular clients would be so delighted to see his progress.  That visitors would come bearing treats and kind words?
Even this good care cannot completely undo a lifetime of neglect. Quinn’s coat will never completely grow back in because his skin is just so thick and irritated in spots.  
Odds are to even that this is also the first real vet care for Quinn.  In his horrible old life, noone even bothered to cut his nails, eh?     Sheesh, his skin was in such rough shape that his neuter had to wait until the infection was cleared up, eh?
No sir.   In his horrible old life, if nobody cared that he was in such misery, odds are pretty good they never even bothered to check the state of his health.
That was seven weeks ago … now Quinn’s foster Mom is VERY attentive to his health and well being.   When Quinn was neutered, there was a tumour in one of his testicles.  At that time, it was hoped that the neuter would address the problem.
Lucky for Quinn that his foster Mom is on the ball.   When she found a hard little lump this week growing back where his testicle was, there was no dilly dallying.   Off Quinn went to the vet and he will soon be having surgery.
Seven weeks ago it might have been a different kettle of fish … if anyone had even bothered to notice of course.
But that was yesterday … so to speak … and yesterday’s gone.   Its early days to say what sort of treatment will be needed.  The only given is that Quinn will get the care he needs.
After everything that Quinn has been through, what a blessing that Atlantic Small Dog Rescue does not set a dollar value on ‘treatable’.  Does that mean they don’t have to worry about money?  Of course not!   It simply means that they will roll up their fundraising sleeves to make sure that Quinn has a shot at more than seven weeks of this new good life.
If you want to help with that, even with the postal lockout there are still a couple of options:

Seven weeks ago, Quinn had no idea he would spend his days so sociably while he was healing.  Of course, he had no idea that so many kind hearts would care about him and want him to have a better life.
Seven weeks sure isn’t a very long time.   After everything he has been through, Quinn should have ever so much more than that!

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