Act naturally!!!

When I was a little girl, as children are wont to do, I thought the sun would rise and set in the same way every day of my life.  
By then, most people actually had a phone in the house … but it was on a wall in the hall … not extensions in every room.  Cordless and cellular roam a phones were a Jetson sort of gadget that were still far in the (long distance plan) future.   Women who actually knew their bank account number put on a dress and hat and gloves to go to the bank.  Black and white TV’s were watched on a network with a bedtime not much later than my own!
Does that mean that I am yearning for those “good old days”  Of course not!  I like banking in my flannel pj’s and bunny slippers!   I’m actually thinking of ditching my landline because my cell is more reliable during power outages.  Setting aside how handy on demand in for someone with a life, these days me and my trifocals appreciate this bigger and full color screen.
Better still is the way the world seems to have caught up with how I was raised.   Organic gardening and eating local food are no longer thought to be eccentric.  It is a delight to see common sense becoming more mainstream … at least about that anyway 🙂
Best of all of course is that life is much better for owned pets.   (And before the keyboards catch on fire, yes I do know we “are not there yet” but I am old enough to remember my parents being the exception rather than the rule for having all our dogs spayed, taking them to the vets for checkups and letting them live in the house )
As a matter of fact, natural living is just better for all of us.  Andy and I both take hemp oil for our arthritis.   At their checkup a couple of weeks ago, my vet said that the home made food is very likely the reason the big dogs’ teeth (and everything else) are in such good shape.
So it is great to see plans shaping up for the Nova Scotia Integretative Health Pet Expo.  Their lovely website is up and running and I see that there has been a facebook group started to go with that.
What time is it?   It is always time to salute those doing good things for the animals!

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