Update on the Mighty Quinn

I am happy to report that Quinn is responding very well in every way to the wonderful care that he is receiving from his foster Mom with Atlantic Small Dog Rescue.
Just look at how well his coat is coming back in!   He is having the time of his life … meeting new friends … acing his clicker training … as you can see he even loves his baths! 
Would anyone even seeing these new pictures be able to imagine the first ones on The Mighty Quinn?
When ASDR first tucked Quinn under their wing, not even their kind hearts could have imagined how well he would respond to his first taste of the good life.  Yet they did so, knowing that it would be a journey just to restore his health. 
But Quinn is a dog and that means that he brings none of our human hangups to the table.   He is responding so well to love and gentle positive training that the future may very well hold even more prospects than permanent foster.
When I adopted Ben, who had spent his life in an outdoor pen in Nfld, I was utterly unprepared for the incredible amount of love that a chained or penned dog will bring to the table.   
So I am not just blowing smoke when I say that I truly envy the person who is lucky enough to open their home and their heart to this wonderful boy.
Nope … even though I try not to play favourites … I’d be hard pressed not to have a special spot for groups like ASDR who never let treatable and rehabitable be defined by the dollar sign.
And that is always, always one of my very favourite things! 


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