The Beat goes on …. The LA Shelter urgently needs foster homes for three dogs!

No ifs ands or buts about it, I love all three of my dogs.  Each in their own way is as dear to me as if they had spent their whole lives here … and I simply cannot imagine a time when they weren’t here.
Admittedly, it took a bit of time and a lot of love to help the big dogs become their best selves.   Why was the transition with Andy easier?  Was it because he was little?  Hah!  Of course not!  He is so full of terrier feist that he really has no sense of his size.
I am a middle aged grandmother not a professional dog trainer, but I honestly think that Andy being senior played a big part in how easily he settled in here.   Years ago, I adopted a senior terrier mix that looked much like Rod Stewart and Scamp made the same sort of simple easy fit, eh?
Next month, it will be a year since my friend Pat adopted her little pal Teddy from The LA Shelter in Amherst.  While he wasn’t a senior, Pat has always been full of good things to say about her adoption experience.   
From my birds eye vantage point of view, I have always had a soft spot for the LA Shelter.   Back when I was researching my own site, these folks were already No Kill.   
For them, time is relative … whether it takes weeks or months or more .. it takes what it takes for each and every one of the adoptables in their care.  Although, to be perfectly honest, its a complete and utter mystery to me why sweet little Tina Marie is still waiting for her Furever Home.
Even better, whenever one of their adoptables needs surgery, like Hooch  .. they simply roll up their fundraising sleeves and make it happen.   They have even taken the sensible step of setting an incredible low adoption fee of fifty dollars for their ( vetted and altered) adult cats!
Best of all, they do all of this in an area that is a bit of the beaten HRM path for adopters.  
Right now they are looking for fosters for three of their dogs:
  •   Toby has been at the shelter for several months  … he is one of those good boys in training who is going to be an incredible dog once he gets a little help getting on the right path.
  • Tundra, pictured above  … is in need of a palliative care foster home.  He came to the shelter as a stray and has arthritis, has had one seizure which he is on medication for and has a mast cell tumour in his side.  The shelter would like him to have a permanent loving foster home where he can live the rest of his life in dignity. 
  • Sonny, pictured below, is great with kids, cats, dogs and just an all around lovable guy.   This lovable senior is still spry enough to counter surf and although the shelter would be happy to find a foster they are still hoping his sweet self will be adopted.  Kind of like a slightly larger version of Andy … fit as a fiddle with lots of love left to offer, eh?
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put their thinking caps on and help find fosters for these three grrreat dogs!

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