Same old menu .. different day

Thirty-seven years ago today, I was having much the same thing for lunch as is on today’s menu.  Sandwich on home made bread, glass of milk, piece of fruit and cup of coffee.  
Why do I remember that so well?  Do I remember every single meal in my life?  Hardly!  But thirty seven years ago today, Dad had just driven me to town to be sworn into the military.  We were both glad to get back in our jeans and tuck into lunch 😉
Thirty-seven years ago, I was much the same person I am today.   I loved animals, cooking and gardening …. just as I do today.   Thirty-seven years of living may have added a bit of polish and experience, but basically the song remains the same.
Does that mean that I yearn for those days?  Of course not!  In the space of time that I served my country, it became a better and safer world for women and children … for working people .. for consumers … and yes even for the animals.
Does that mean that everything is just peachy keen now?  Of course not!   There are still women in danger, children going hungry and in this economic climate some employers are not above bullying to better their bottom line.
Even so, the point I am making in my meandering way is that in life’s journey it is important to move forward, not backwards.   Which is why I was saddened to see that, in the online minutes of the March 28th BOD meeting that there has been such an unprecedented shift in the society’s structure.
The branches are no longer directly represented on the provincial bod.  Instead, their concerns and operational management have become the exclusive domain of the society executive director.  In other words, the folks working frontline will no longer have a direct voice at the table.Web Edit Note:  I have been informed that, while this was the original intention, that at this time the branches actually still have representation on the board.  In addition, the policy of replacing half the bod was apparantly implemented a couple of years ago …. somehow THAT never was shouted from the rooftops in the same way that every other little press release has been.
Even worse, a dear friend of mine who was at the AGM was concerned about the new (see above note) policy of electing half the bod each year … suggesting that the shortage of candidates seemed more appointed than elected, eh?  (The topic of why the society is having so much difficulty recruiting bod members is a very interesting subject that should stand alone on its own post on another day)

I personally find it disturbing that the VP and Past President positions, which are pretty much standard in non profit, seem to have fallen by the wayside as well.  
Sound familiar?   Where did those brave new days go, when openness and transparency was supposed to be the shape of things to come?  
In this ever changing world its nice to have some constants.  Its great to be able to eat the same foods I did home on the farm.  Its wonderful to still be able to put lessons learned at my mothers knee to good use in my own home and hearth.
But I really was hoping that the Brave New Path was going to have a longer lifespan than three short years.

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