Small in name only ……

I love the view from the ridge.  What’s not to love?  Its good exercise getting up there … lots of interesting bits for noses to sniff on the way up and of course we are afforded a birds eye view of the river and woodland below.
Somewhat akin to the birds eye view that I get doing the site, eh?   The work is always offset by the interesting bits:)
Now I do try not to play favourites, but its hard not have a soft spot for the folks who really go the extra mile.  Take Atlantic Small Dog Rescue, for instance.   They are always willing to broaden their horizons with ‘honorary’ small dogs and they never hesitate to take the tough cases.  To them, life is life, no matter what it costs or how long it takes to find the right fit.
As a result .. they are pretty darned creative when it comes to fundraising.  They pioneered the Facebook Rescue Auctions.   Even better … they set a pawsitive trend by generously sharing their own auctions with other rescues, as well as promoting each and every other group’s auctions.
Best of all, they always find fun ways to fundraise.  Their latest endeavor …  Easter Baskets for ASDR … features two beautiful baskets.  First place gets the adult basket, second the child’s and tickets are available until this Saturday, the 16th.
Thinking outside of the box allows ASDR to help great dogs like Rascal.   At the middling age of ten, Rascal has been orphaned.  Even worse, there is noone in the family who can take in this good boy.  And even worse than that …. when ASDR had him vet checked, it was discovered that his enzymes were too high for him to be neutered right away.   They are going to retest him in a couple of weeks and then the decision will be made whether or not to neuter him.
Does that mean he isn’t available for adoption?  Of course not!  In realspeak it simply means that ASDR is willing to place him now … on a foster to adopt basis.   They would love to see this little guy have a chance to mend his little broken heart, eh?  Once he is neutered, and his teeth have been cleaned, ( at ASDR’s expense ) then the paperwork can be finalized.
Rascal is a friendly little fellow in that happy ‘I’ve been well loved and socialized all my life’ kind of way.   He has had surgery for bladder stones so ASDR would like his new home to be willing to keep him on the S/O diet for that.
If you are looking for a very elegant evening with that special someone … next month ASDR is hosting La Vie en Rose at the Tempest in Wolfville on May 28th.  Whether one was sharing a special occasion or simply celebrating a love for the animals, it would be a memorable evening, hmmm?
What time is it?  Its always time to applaud the folks who really know how to save a life … by thinking big!    
As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think BIG.  Donald Trump 

child’s basket

Adult’s Basket

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