Tomorrow is the Spay-ghetti Supper at Michaels!

I heard the Marsh Wren this morning, hooting high overhead when we were out for our first tour of the yard.  What does that mean?  In this neck of the woods it means that spring is really and truly here.  It means its time to start my veggie and annual herb seeds.
In other words … its time to get cracking!   All those lovely country garden vignettes generally don’t apply to an April day in a Nova Scotia garden.   We are still at least three good months away from that lovely place where I can stroll through the garden in straw hat and sundress, leisurely picking herbs and flowers.
In April its all rubber boots and wool socks and well worn work clothes that would send the what not to wear people into absolute shock.  
In the wheel of the animal rescue year, April is also the start of the kitten season in Nova Scotia.   Every cat rescue, every shelter and every hard working TNR Group will be obliged to pull out all the stops and still will not be able to accept and/ or alter every cat and kitten in need this spring.
They are NOT selling tickets at the door for the Spay-ghetti Dinner. , but as I understand they may still be available today by calling 425-3983.  Sheesh .. not having to cook supper tomorrow night AND helping out with the historic first annual Spay Day in HRM is a pretty delicious deal in my books!
What time is it?  If you are planning to support this great initiative, its time to get cracking!

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