In praise of two great promotions for the pussycats

What a great idea!   From a purely personal level, I can definitely say that every black cat I have ever shared space with has been very devoted and affectionate … likely because most of them have more than a smattering of burmese in their family tree, eh?
Clive is like a teddy bear that purrs … Oscar is always happiest right by my side and Kitty Bear has always followed me everywhere in true faithful black kitty style.
Did you know that in the middle ages, fishermen’s wives believed that keeping a black cat in the house would guarantee that their husbands would always come home safe from the sea?
Did you also know that at one time, the old Celts thought that white cats were holy?  Many of the old Celtic traditions were woven into the Christian ones ( the Yule log / Christmas Tree / Easter Rabbit and Easter Egg hunts to name but a few 🙂
I’ve often thought that much of the ‘modern’ prejudice against black cats stemmed from our cultural ‘memories’ that if white was holy good, then black must be the antithesis, eh?
But I am wandering afield in my meandering way, as I am often prone to do.  The point I am making today that biases against appearance for any species are never based on real facts … but on notions and ill fancies and superstition.
Is it lovely to see an adoption incentive for the kitties?  You bet !  But the best bit, imho, is the double barrelled approach of educating and promoting 🙂
What time is it?  Its always time to salute a good idea!
PS  … don’t forget that other great adoption idea tomorrow … CAPS is coming to the Greenwood Mall!

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