Urgent …. Safe Berth Needed for Senior Shepherd

If he could speak English not dog, I expect Andy would talk about how much he loves going to the woods every morning.   He is full of small terrier feist and right up there with the big dogs as we go rummaging about.  
Its not unusual to see him fly over the fallen logs right after the big dogs, but this morning we all had a terrible fright when his leg went under him and he rolled over so sharply it was no surprise he couldn’t get up.
Heart in mouth,  we raced out of the woods and dashed off to my vet … where of course he was given a thorough going over in light of his age.
Happily it turned out to be nothing more than a sprain that was soon put right with a shot of metacam.    Even better, such close scrutiny had revealed that his heart and his joints are in tip top shape … although his vision sadly becoming more comparable to my own.
Other than the normal bit of arthritis (which everyone on four paws or two gets if they are lucky to live long enough) my little senior pal is as fit as a fiddle.
Senior pets often have so much to offer … but it is often luck of the draw if they can be saved.   
What is the hold up?  Are they not sweeter and more settled?  And often more socialized?
You bet .. but most rescues in this province rely completely on fosters.   To accept a dog there has to be foster space.  Straight, sweet and simple.
There is a beautiful 13 year old German Shepherd dog named Lady who really lives up to her name.  East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is in urgent need of a foster to bridge the gap so they can keep Lady safe.  
Sheesh .. Lady is like a poster girl for all that is wonderful about senior pet adoption.  She is gentle and sweet and affectionate.   Because she was raised with children and cats, Lady is great with them both.   In fact, for the past 9 and 1/2 years she has lived next to an elementary school and enjoys the activity of children.
Lady is in great health with no sign of arthritis or hip problems.  She love going for walks and car rides and these days is a champion napper!
Lady rarely barks … she gets along well with other dogs … and is described by all as being loving and affectionate.
What time is it?  Its time for everyone to share this post … just in case one of their friends .. or THEIR friends … has enough room in their home and their hearts to save this beautiful dog.

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