CAPS is coming back to the Greenwood Mall!

What a beautiful quilt!  I saw it a few weeks ago at when CAPS had their first offsite adoption event and even these lovely pictures don’t really do it justice.  The draw will be on May 20th … and anyone interested in buying tickets can click here for more info. 
I’m betting that tickets might also be available at the NEXT offsite adoption event at the Greenwood Mall.  CAPS will be back in the Center Court on Saturday, April 9th, from 11 am until 3 pm.   
Was the mall eager to invite them back?  You bet!  They found out first hand that animals always draw in more foot traffic.    Its just one of those lovely win win scenarios where what is good for the animals is also good for the mall merchants, eh?
Even better … its a win win for all the cats. From my birds eye view of maintaining the cat galleries, CAPS cat adoptions do seem to be up for all the kitties, not just the ones who went to the event.   That of course means that more can be taken in from Annapolis County Animal Control.
Even better, each and every one of the cats that gets ‘their lucky day’ will be a great ambassador … not only for being their own sweet selves but when friends/ family/ neighbours and coworkers discover what a great deal the adoption fee is.
Best of all, each and every adoption is part of the solution because the cats are already altered.
What time is it?  Its always time to promote a pawsitive example! 

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