The Heart Won’t Lie

I love listening to country music when I’m driving anywhere in my little car.  Does that mean I’ve never listened to rock and roll?  That somehow the Beatles and the Stones passed me by?
Of course not!   But, I don’t live in a ‘hood’ .. I live in rural Nova Scotia.   Country music just cuts to the chase and so is closer to my heart than disco,  pop or rap.  
As we used to say in the sixties .. I can “relate” to country music .  Its real and authentic and makes no false promises or claims.
This is the same reason that I have such a special affection for ARC.  Yes, I admit that Miss Ruby ( and later Andy) came to me from ARC … and for that I will be forever grateful.  But the respect that I have for them as a group stems from the fact that they are EXACTLY who they say they are. 
They are No Kill … in the most real and genuine sense of the word.   That means that the term, healthy and treatable,is never defined by the dollar sign.   I have seen them spend many many times over the adoption fee to treat and train dogs in their care.
This handsome little fellow, Little Golden, is the latest in a long line of good dogs who might not have made the grade with other, supposedly No Kill, groups.   Why?  Is he not utterly adorable?  Of course he is.  Everyone who meets this grreat little lad agrees that he is Mr Personality Plus
He is also needs eye surgery. He has absolutely no tear production in either eye, even after hourly drops.  So … on Tuesday, while we are all recuperating from our ‘chocolate hangovers’, Dr Don and the great team at Westwood Hill Vet, are going to perform “Parotid Duct Transposition” in hopes of saving his eyes.   Each eye will be done as a separate operation to minimize stress on the little lad.
Is it a sure thing?  No surgery ever comes with a guarantee.  But it IS a sure thing that this little fellow will soon be blind without the surgery.  Even worse, without it this little trooper is actually in what the medical people refer to as a fair bit of “discomfort”.
The surgery won’t be cheap.  Many other groups would simply opt for the ever so much more affordable Premature Unhappy Tail… glossing it over with the phrase Unhealthy and Untreatable.
But … like the music I like so well .. ARC has more heart than that.  Anyone who would like to help with this could either contact ARC or call in a donation directly to the Westwood Hills Clinic.
‘Cause the heart won’t lie

Sometimes life gets in the way
But there’s one thing that won’t change
I know I’ve tried
The heart won’t lie
You can live your alibi
Who can see you’re lost inside a foolish disguise
The heart won’t lie
Reba McEntire … from The Heart Won’t Lie, with Vince Gill

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