Cat Rescue urgently needs a dog foster!!! Transport needed !! Foster found!!!

Webmaster update:  A kind heart has offerred to foster this sweet dog and now HART is looking for another kind heart to drive this doggie from Aylesford to Bridgewater.  Further update … A Drive has been found!!!!
If I have learned one thing from the birds eye view I get maintaining the homeless pet site, it is that sometimes love for the animals has no boundaries.  Small dog rescues take in large dogs, german shepherd rescues can take in rat terriers and in this instance …. HART … a hardworking little cat rescue has taken in a young female beagle.
Like a lot of little rescues, HART does not have a shelter. Their adoptables are usually cared for in Laurie’s own home, along with a little fostering help from her friends.
This is what Laurie has said about this young little beagle who they have dubbed Beatrice  
We have a young female, unspayed beagle in our care. My daughter found her on the highway near South Alton (New Ross area). She is very sweet. All houses in the area were scoured to see if anyone knew of her or anything and it appears no one knows her. I believe she is in heat. She’s young, very affectionate. She’s only been here a short while and hates it when she sees someone go OUT the door!

As you know I am basically a cat rescue (but will take in ANYTHING!), so right now my house is jam packed with cats. 20 are my own and they don’t even know what a dog is! So it’s pretty nutty here right now. I had to take an adult cat out of my son’s room and place her in the bathroom so this little beagle can have a place to sleep tonight. It’s insanity!
If you know anyone that is willing to foster her or if you can post this far and wide to see if possibly someone is missing her? She did not have any tags or tattoos. I will get her checked for a microchip ASAP.
In the meanwhile she is safe, but it’s VERY inconvenient to have a dog here to say the very least!
If you have room in your home and your heart to provide a temporary safe berth for this lovely little dog …. or if you recognize this little wanderer, please contact HART

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