More Hope for the Holidays

I love Miss Ruby.  What’s not to love? She’s gentle and affectionate….great with my granddaughter … good with other dogs …. wonderful with my cats … walks beautifully on leashes of all lengths … and best of all she’s such a smarty pants that she is just pretty darned interesting to live with.
Did she come here that way?  Of course not! Even though her fosters got her off on the right paw, she wasn’t really with them long enough to learn all the ropes.
Now Dixie, on the other hand, has had plenty of time to learn the ropes from her four different foster Mom’s.  Why four?  When a dog is as sweet and loving as Dixie is, after a while its just too darned hard for fosters to part with her, eh?
The good news is that now she HAS all the skills that it took time to teach Miss Ruby … although because she’s never lived with little kids ASDR would prefer any kids in her new home to be over five.  
Lucky for Dixie, she is with Atlantic Small Dog Rescue.  Why is that?  Setting aside the fact that Dixie is an “honorary” small dog, they have pulled out all the stops to find a wonderful Furever Home for this grrreat girrrrl.   Gosh .. they even made a facebook page for her so that people could see what a sweetie she is!
As you know, ASDR is taking part in the Home for the Holidays adoption promotion.   As part of that .. they are going to underwrite Dixie’s adoption fee in the hopes that she really can go Home for the Holidays.
What time is it?  Its time for everyone to put on their thinking cap and share Dixie’s info with any of their friends who are looking to enrich their life by adopting a great family dog.
Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  Christopher Reeve.

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