The Power to change IS the power of change

On chilly days like this, I love making bread.  Making it by hand is a great way to work out the figurative frustration of Rome not being able to be built in a day.  Even better … I know enough about nutrition to recognize the benefits of knowing what’s in my food.  Best of all is the lovely way the colder temperatures just seem to magnify the already aromatic scent of bread while its baking.
On a breezy day like this, the scent will carry around the neighbourhood… sending more than one of my neighbours down to the village in search of their own.   Its the same principal that underlies the success of offsite adoptions, hmmm?  In this busy world, the very best ‘advertising’ are the tangible things that can be experienced first hand.
Which is why I was pawsitively delighted to discover last night that this year the society is going to have a float in the annual Parade of Lights this weekend.  What a wonderful idea!
Why?  Because this is an event that attracts lovely big crowds …. last years parade was attended by an estimated 70,000 people.  Just imagine the possibilities!  If only one percent of the people who attend are woken up to the possibility of pet adoption … one measly little percent … that could translate to 700 good pets finding homes as a result!  Wow!
Even better .. because most of the society branches have embraced the Home for the Holidays program … the float will also include a promo for their main holiday fundraiser … which in keeping with the spirit of the program has been rebranded as Home for the Holidays.
Best of all, this is all happening at a time when people are just a little more sentimental and so are better able to embrace the lovely idea of opening their heart to a homeless pet.  What an effective way to underscore the ‘competition’ offered by pet stores and back yard breeders and grubby puppy millers hiding behind the facade of the free online ad sites.
Three years ago, when personal agendas were still powering the society, who would have imagined this lovely new world … where they actually deserve bragging rights for the work they have done?
Or to paraphrase an old Jimi Henrdrix song .. what wonderful things can begin to happen when the power of love for the animals is greater than the love of power.

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