More Hope for the Holdays

I love cool crisp sunny days like this.  Last week’s weather has put paid to the last lingering leaves … and seeing as we are still knee deep in hunting season it just seems ever so much safer when the woods are wide open and brighter, hmmm?  
I know that we are on private land … and I know that we are wearing more orange than the average road crew … but I also Know from experience that occasionally we can still stumble across the odd soul who has lost sight of property lines while tracking their prey.
I also love the way SHAID has embraced the Home for the Holidays spirit.   Once again, they are celebrating with special adoption fees for the kitties who have been waiting for more than five months to find their Furever Homes.  This year, Claire, Iman, Copper and Bridget … along with two sweet seniors – Flash and Gonzo are being featured.  
What does that mean?  It means that SHAID has underwritten the adoption fee for each of these lovelies so that any one of them can be adopted for the Very Modest Sum of seventy-five dollars.
Why do they do this?  Because the kind folks at SHAID have tried this before and they know that it works.  They are Not adopting pets out to become presents … but they DO understand that this is a sentimental time of year that just inspires kindness and compassion in so many people.
I’ve also noticed, that when they do this program, that the other cats in the shelter seem to ‘move through’ a little more quickly.  Why?  Because any adoption incentive has the lovely side effect of bringing notice to all the pets for the group wise enough to take the first step.
What time is it?  Its always time to understand that adoption incentives are not putting pets “on sale” but simply shining a brighter light so that their loveliness can be seen more clearly.

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