Building a door for the animals

What HAVE they been building back up on the North Mountain?  A stage?  A dance floor?   Not even close.   The first four pics were sent to me last June when the hard working volunteers with CAPS were just starting to build Violet Cottage. 
Now the last curtains have been hung and the Newest Cat Cottage is all decorated and ready for a very special Paws and Pumpkins Open House on Sunday.
Clearly the kitties are enjoying their new digs …   but like a champion figure skater, these photos look so lovely and perfect that would be easy to forget how much love and elbow grease were involved.
No question about it … CAPS always has the largest numbers of kitties in care of any group in the province.  ( 134 at the moment of this writing and that doesn’t include the latest kitties just rescued from the pound who will be listed when the standard quarantine is up)
How do they do it?  Like the old poster of Garfield looking up at Odie sitting up in the tree … with the caption “its amazing what can be done when ya don’t know its impossible” … they have created something very unique that is as individual as the kitties in their care.
(As a sidebar to that, the fact that their BOGO is now in place indefinitely is a worthy of a separate post as is CAPS’ ever so sensible practice of charging a higher adoption fee for the youngsters than for its adults in care.)
So if you are looking for a good reason for a Sunday drive, scroll down through the sneak preview to the poster with all the details.
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Milton Berle 

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