A Little Rant

Hey …
I’m not a world famous blogger … and I’m not drumming up funds on Paypal.  I don’t live in HRM and I don’t know Mayor Kelly or email anyone on the council because I’m certain that they are only going to pay attention to the tax paying voters who actually elected them.
I am a middle aged grandmother not a professional dog trainer.   I’m experienced but not expert and when I don’t know what to do … I ask someone who does.
I have gone hang gliding headfirst downhill after deer without letting go of one leash.  I believe in praise, not correction;  rewards, not punishment and that love is definitely not all that a dog needs.
Some dogs have it great … some dogs not so much .. and that’s as true here as anywhere else in the world!
Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to live!   The first SPCA in the country to go No Kill!   And full of kind hearts who do not want even one dog to die!
We are Nova Scotians!!!   And We Love Our Dogs!!!

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