Making it cool to be kind

I love Girl Guide Cookies.  Setting aside the simple fact that they are delicious…. its also pretty darned convenient to have a stash of something simple, sweet and quick for a snack when time runs away on me.
If retired grannies like myself who (supposedly) have all the time in the world will choose the easy road, how much more likely will it be that busy families will do the same?  
While I was doing a couple of new listings for the senior pet site, it occurred to me that more could be done to market the benefits of adopting two pets together.
Milo and Maisy, for instance, are a lovely pair of (more middle aged than) senior chocolate Labs who have lived together for their whole lives.  Happily Lab Rescue understands how closely bonded they are and are looking for a home with enough heart to adopt them together. 
Adopting a bonded pair like these two has a lot of advantages.  They already know each other, so it won’t be quite so strange for them.  In turn, that will help them settle in quicker.  They’ll be good company for each other when their humans have to go out.  Best of all, they are already good friends and it’ll be twice as fun to take them out to play.
CAPS understands this and actively uses their BOGO to promote the fact that many of their adoptables who are in care together become great friends  As a sidebar to that, very soon I hope to have pics of their new cat cottage to share with you, but for now I should also mention that they have finally graduated to their own phone number …. 825 – CAPS ( 2277)
And it occurred to me as well that if a busy person was looking to adopt a kitten, it could be incredibly helpful to adopt an adult “nanny’ at the same time.    And before the keyboards catch on fire, male cats …like my own Oscar.. often make great ‘uncles’ for the youngsters.
Who knows but that next spring some creative soul will put on a Mommy and Me campaign when kitten season hits.  Something like that would have the added advantage of helping the little Momcats get adopted … instead of the status quo which leaves them ‘sitting on the shelf’ long after their kittens have found homes.
Like it or not, it is a fact of life that most of the people who can afford to properly care for a pet are going to be busy.  
What time is it ?  Its time to put less emphasis on how much cheaper it is to adopt and more emphasis on what really matters … how very easy it can be to be kind.

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