Its Andy’s First Anniversary!!

Today started off almost as wet as it was a year ago today.  How do I remember that?  Do I keep one of those old fashioned diaries that note the weather every day?  Nope!
I remember what the weather was like a year ago today because this is the day Andy’s wonderful foster Mom drove to meet me halfway at Kentville so that me and my trifocals didn’t have to drive to the city! 
It had been a pretty eventful few days for the little man leading up to that.  Andy was actually pretty lucky to make such a quick journey from being rescued … being neutered at his age .. and then coming home with me to meet the dynamic duo.
But Andy is a terrier AND a senior, so he was wise enough to learn the ropes very quickly.   The casual observer would have no idea now that my little man hasn’t spent his whole life here.
If its a crapshoot to be a homeless pet,  its a really rough road for the seniors.   The ante steps up quite a few notches for the seniors, like my Andy, who are well past eight.  
(  The sad  subject of how any group can claim to be No Kill if they cherry pick by age is a separate topic that deserves a post of its own on another day ) 
Potential adopters often skip the senior listings.   Some are worried about possible vet bills.  Others believe that old dogs really can’t learn new tricks.   And some are simply unwilling to open their heart to a pet that might not have fifteen years of love left to offer.
Yet seniors have such a special sweet and settled charm.  There were no sleepless nights when Andy came here.  No puddles to mop.  No need to work on the leash training.
No sir … he settled right into our lives as if he’d been here for years and he is as dear to me as if we were lifelong friends.
One kind heart at a time, people are beginning to realize this.  If you are thinking of adopting a senior pet in Nova Scotia, pleas allow me to introduce the lovelies I have listed on The Nova Scotia Senior Pet Project

 Tabitha is available at the Queen’s SPCA
Nema, pictured below, is available at SHAID

Jack, pictured below, is available at the Metro Shelter

Mercedes, pictured below, is also available at the Metro Shelter

Smokey is waiting at the TLC Shelter in Digby

Rennie, pictured below, is at The LA Shelter in Amherst

Freddie, pictured below is in foster care with ARC

 Hazel, pictured below, is available from SCARS

Elsa, below, is waiting at the Valley Animal Shelter in Wolfville

Abigail, below, is at the Valley Animal Shelter in Wolfville

Bruin, below, is waiting with East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

And last but definitely not least is sweet Sam, who is available from East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

What time is it?  Its time to understand that being the first love isn’t always as meaningful as being the last.

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