Not even a hurricane can keep this little guy down

When I tell people that my Grampy emigrated to Cape Breton from Newfoundland, they think I’m kidding.  Its easy to forget that Newfoundland only joined Confederation in 1949, because work and family affairs have laid down a well worn path between the two provinces.
Occasionally a very lucky pair of paws follows this familiar path … as is the case with the adorable little fellow pictured here.  Scamper was not doing well at the Clarenville SPCA .   The little lad had survived a horrible dog attack, along with all the surgery needed to repair the damage.
Scamper had healed physically, but the shelter was no place for a little fellow to regain his confidence and rebuild his spirit.  Everyone had pulled out all the stops to find a foster home for him. 
What was the problem?  Were there no foster homes in the area?  Of course not!  The hitch was finding one without a large dog …. as Scamper was still understandably skittish after everything that had happened.
Happily, the kind hearts at Atlantic Small Dog Rescue here in Nova Scotia were moved by Scamper’s plight and immediately stepped up to the plate.  
What a perfect fit for a little fellow so afraid of big dogs!  Although they have a couple of “honorary small dogs” in care, as a general rule the ASDR fosters already tend to be small dog people. 
Its frosting on the cake that they are terrier experienced and are willing to take the time and effort to get all their adoptables off on the right paw.  
What time is it?  Its always time to applaud those who go the extra mile for the animals.  The kind folks at Clarenville who pulled out all the stops for Scamper and didn’t even let a hurricane get in the way of things … and the kind hearts at Atlantic Small Dog Rescue who opened their hearts and their rescue to give Scamper a second chance at the good life!
PS … if you are interested in adopting this great little guy, please contact Atlantic Small Dog Rescue

from the airport in Newfoundland

where this sweet boy wasn’t sure what was going on

but hey … everyone’s been so kind it must be ok

leaving the Rock
 Hello to Nova Scotia
where its always nice to meet new friends!

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