Reading the writing on the wall

I love the way everything smells after hanging out on the clothesline. Gosh .. what’s Not to love, eh?   The summer sun and winter chill are great ways to sanitize fabric.  Its better for this Good Earth.  To be perfectly honest, there are so many upsides to not using a dryer that its almost frosting on the cake that it also saves me money.
Some of my friends think that hanging clothes out is too much work.  They love the convenience of a side by side setup where clothes are shifted into the dryer without taking a single step.   Of course they also spend extra on the fancy fabric softeners so that their clothes will smell somewhat like they were dried on the line.
Mind you …  its easier to forget a load in the dryer.  Out of sight, out of mind until after the wrinkles are all set  … when the entire load will either need ironing or another wash.
Some people think that adopting a pet from rescue is going to be a lot of work.  They overlook the fact that any pet, of any age, will need time and work to settle in properly.
Adopted or purchased, they all need to learn the skills if they are to become valued family members and good neighbours.    Rescues and shelters are brimming with pets that were left to ‘wrinkle’ until their humans move on for another cycle. 
Like innocent bystanders, none of them asked to be ‘rejected’. 
The cats that were left to fend for themselves when people moved … the one’s whose humans never came back to the boarding kennels … the infants taped into boxes and tossed out in the trash….
The dogs of all ages that were not trained to behave properly .. and then were surrendered / dumped/ passed off on Kijiji because they did not behave properly.
Adopting from a reputable rescue or shelter has at least as many upsides as the fresh line dried bits.   There is a screening process that protects potential adopters who fall in love with the cute … but inappropriate face.    After all, rescuers understand that people’s yard aren’t going to get any bigger, their work schedules are likely to stay busy and that their human children should not be viewed as responsible and reliable caretakers for the new pet.
There are just ever so many up sides to adopting from a reputable rescue.   They make every effort to make the best matches.  Pets are already health checked and vaccinated and altered.  Known health or behavior issues are never swept under the rug.  Anyone adopting and adult pet has the extra advantage of being able to really tell if they will kindred spirits … not to mention that they are already as big and as beautiful as they are going to get.   And of course, because they all want every adoption to succeed, follow up advice and support is available if needed.
All that … PLUS the satisfaction of knowing that adopting THIS pet has give the rescue or shelter room to save another life!
And if THAT’S not enough … adopting a homeless pet sets a socially responsible example for the next generation  … one that is repaid many times over with love and loyalty and devotion.
Gosh its almost frosting on the cake that adopting a pet from rescue really saves money.  Fees might vary, but none of them come close to the amount a responsible pet owner has to spend to get their new friend off on the right paw. In most instances, the fees are well under half what would otherwise be called for.
What time is it?  Its time for the media to assume some social responsibility of their own and ‘use their power’ for good.   Articles and features about pet adoption ALWAYS boost adoptions … and every pet that I have seen featured in any medium has been adopted almost immediately.
Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else.   Ivern Ball

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