The basis of all morality

To be perfectly honest, human compassion … and a sense of responsibility for those who trust and depend upon us … should  represent sufficient arguments against sentencing a dog to Life as a Yard Dog.   
If that’s not enough, there is sufficient documentary proof to establish that chained and penned dogs neither learn the appropriate behaviours to make them ‘good neighbours’ nor are they sufficiently socialized to be trustworthy members of the community.
And if THAT’s not enough, perhaps eight year old Cody’s story might stave off the skeptics.  When he was rescued by the Clarenville SPCA, the kind hearts there thought that his dreadfully dirty and matted fur was enough of a sadness…. but they WERE concerned about his nose and brought him to the vet.
So now, instead of looking for an adopter to share years and years with this sweet boy, they are now looking for someone with enough heart to offer this great guy a safe and loving indoor home for the remaining time he has left.  He is still energetic and happy, and the shelter would like him to have a chance to experience the good life he has missed out on until now.
If you believe you might be Cody’s Angel, please call the shelter at 709-466-3489
Compassion is the basis of all morality – Arthur Schopenhauer


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