A little mothers tale

To see the well oiled team wrapped up with their Cat TV here, one would never imagine the time it took them to settle into their own ‘pecking order’. Anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time is familiar with the tale of Dora .. at the left … and her maternal tom buddy Oscar … tail high exiting stage right.
Now that they are settled all of them .. including the big boy who is so handsome he was named after Clive Owen … defer to the tiniest one in the pack. Yup .. that is my mighty little mini Morgan front and center … and everyone of them follow wherever the little lady leads them.
She wasn’t always Queen Bee. When she was just a teenager, someone had been too careless or to cheap or just too darned stoopid to get her spayed … and in an all too familiar Unhappy Tail just tossed her aside when she became pregnant.
She had a really hard time out there on her own and was finally brought to SHAID, along with her litter of kittens by a kind person who saw her be hit by a car.
Even though she couldn’t walk … Morgan still looked after her kittens and dragged herself to the litter box in her cage. The staff at SHAID were dreading the time when her kittens would be weaned … fearing that there would be an Unhappy Tail for this brave little mother.
But sometimes prayers do get answered … and like a little miracle Morgan started to move on her own. First a paw .. then a leg … then by the time her kittens were weaned, Morgan had regained most of her mobility.
Like many other little Momcats, Morgan waited for months after her babies were adopted and finally a kind heart at SHAID wrote a touching little tale about her in their online newsletter.
Now as the kind folks here at HART and CAPS can tell you, there is no shortage of homeless cats here in the valley. So why, when I was already at my firm (hahaha) four cat limit, did I drive all the way over to Bridgewater on the ten?
Because I was moved by the story in the newsletter is why.
I will never forget walking into the lobby at SHAID with my friend Liz. There were several volunteers inside … and you could hear a pin drop when they looked at the carrier. It was only when I said “Hi, I’m Janet and I’m here to adopt Morgan ….” that they let out their collective breath and started to smile. ( The subject of how casually people expect to be able to dump their problems on volunteer laps is a separate story needing its own post at another time)
Of all the cats who have ever come in the door here, Morgan was easily the quickest to settle in and make herself at home. Within no time, she had the two bigger boys properly trained and had established a respectful rapport with the two elders.
Last night I was up a little later polishing up this years Mothers Day feature for the homeless pet site. ( Click Here to Meet some of the Momcats ) The little mommies are so often left waiting on the shelf and yet I can tell you first hand that these little momcats make incredibly devoted companions. They are already brilliant because they are cats … so they understand the value of a second chance at the good life they should have had to start with.
Morgan will never be an Olympic athlete .. but she is still a champion. She is brave and she is beautiful and she is my best friend.
You’ll have to go and adopt your own little momcat because I would never ever part with mine.

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