A different kind of driving lesson

One of the best bits about being retired is not having to wait until the weekend to mow the lawn. I have an ‘if its green just mow it’ country lawn and if my ride on had an odometer I suspect it would rival the mileage on my car.
Like any other tool, it needs the odd bit of tlc now and then, so this morning after our hike I was off to Canadian Tire for a new battery and a liter of oil. But I am still a girl, so on the way I stopped and picked up a package of ice cream bars.
Normally that would be my last stop … but it was a nice breezy morning and still chilly enough to warrant a light jacket. And .. I knew I was only going to running in for a battery and hey .. how much time could that take, eh?
Greenwood is a popular place to retire … so as it happens I wasn’t the only one shopping for a ride on battery this morning. Nor is it simply a matter of swiping one’s card. The fellow ahead of me had to go back out to the car to get his old battery so he wouldn’t get hit with the enviro deposit fee. And of course each and every battery comes with a warranty and paper work has to be filled out for everyone in line for that : )))
I was actually pretty impressed that it only took twenty minutes before I was putting the battery in the trunk. And I wasn’t worried about the ice cream bars … not for such a short time on such a breezy morning, right?
Well its a great blessing that I always keep a green bin in the trunk for my groceries … at least I didn’t have to set my new battery in the puddled remains of the ice cream bars: ))))
People think that its only during the dog days of summer that pets can be at risk from the heat. The truth is that even a balmy spring morning can represent real risk for pets ( Click Here for Warm Weather Pet Safety Tips )
One of the best resources for information, including downloadable flyers and posters is a site called My Dog is Cool, http://www.mydogiscool.com/index.php The poster below is available in pdf form from the site and there is even a very neat little table to show how the temperature in cars correlates to the outside temperature.
After all, its no big deal to lose a few ice cream bars but it would be such a heart break to lose a best friend, eh?

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