Stepping on caterpillars

You know those hunches we all get? That nagging feeling that tells us something is definitely wrong?
Waste management plants all have a piece of gear called a crusher. Its exactly what the name implies … an oversized very heavy duty machine to grind and crush non recyclable waste into a more compact package. There is a conveyor belt to deliver the garbage to the crusher.
Somehow, in the midst of all that monotony and noise, the operator of the conveyor belt at the Lawrencetown center had a hunch something was wrong. When he stopped the conveyor belt and listened, he heard two tiny little terrified voices! Sitting in a cardboard box on the conveyor belt, a few feet from the crusher!
He called the Annapolis County AC … but of course the odds are pretty slim that anyone will be able to discover who was heartless enough to throw these two little ones out in the trash.
As Anna from CAPS puts it … what a miracle! After all this adventure, the kind folks at CAPS have named these two Huck and Becky.
As a sidebar to this, if anyone is interested in adopting the two of them together, CAPS is still running its BOGO …. which is adopt one, get half off the second adoption fee.
Somewhere, in Annapolis County, is a child who is learning that life only counts when its convenient.
Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child, as it is to the caterpillar. Bradley Miller

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