Playing different positions

In this neck of the woods, a mild holiday morning like this is never a quiet time. Neighbours who have been tidying their yards are already out with their chain saws cutting up fallen trees and dead wood. Odds are that later today, I’ll add my own noise to it all by tilling up the new garden bed I”m making out back.
Living in the country is lovely … but it is different than the idyllic portrayals we see in the gardening magazines. Its been seventeen years since I moved out here, but for long time residents I’m still the new kid on the block … the girl from Greenwood who bought Ralph Whynotts old cow pasture: )))
It did help that my parents had lived in the country, so I avoided the pitfall that most newbies make … gossiping and commenting about the neighbours. I already knew that I would be one of the few people on the road who Wasn’t related to everyone else, eh?
Anyone looking to make a positive difference in their own communities could always consider fostering a pet. In these cash strapped days, when donations are down .. it is one of the two Very Important Things that people can do without actually donating money ( the other of course being to pick up the phone or email your politicians at all levels to let them know how important better legislation for the animals is to you as a voter : )))
East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is in need of fosters for the next carload of good dogs that they have saved from the Very Unhappy Tails of the Georgia gas chambers. On this weekend that is traditionally associated with rebirth … this would be a great way to help these lucky survivors start down the path to their new lives.
And before the keyboards catch on fire … I”m just going to say this… much of which I have already said many times before:
Life is life. And yes I know that there is a school of thought that feels that if there is no room at the inn for homeless NS dogs then its inappropriate to bring them in from away. But … as soon as we start setting criteria to cherry pick .. we become no better than those in high kill shelters who have have turned their backs on the No Kill philosophy.
We have enough homes here in NS .. and I still maintain that if one percent, one measly little percent, of Nova Scotia households woke up to the joys and satisfactions of pet adoption there would be plenty of room to spare at the inn.
In the military, the reason teamwork is continually promoted is that it is the time tested path to success for any task. That being said … if my buddy and I are out on the lake with his canoe, we each have to paddle on one side of the boat. If we don’t do that, we would just go around in circles until we got tired and gave up.
What time is it? Its always time to remember that every team needs many different players and positions to win the game.

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