No light is ever little

I have never eaten seal meat … nor will it ever be offered at my table. In fact, outside of the traditional aboriginal hunt, I personally believe that its time to move forward and find a better way for our commercial seal hunters to make their living.
That being said … I am a Canadian … and that means that I don’t appreciate having other countries trying to tell us / aka Canada what we can and cannot do with our own resources. Like many Canadians, my viewpoint is best summed up in a decades old cartoon that portrayed well dressed, jewel encrusted celebrities coming out of a Nfld courthouse and getting into a swanky limousine, all the while completely ignoring a thin impoverished fellow and his family dressed in rags with a tin cup labelled “help feed the sealers”. The caption was something to the effect of ‘I guess noone cares about starving sealers’
Anyone who follows this blog, or the old one, knows that I’ve had quite a bit to say about the Cape Breton branch of the society. In spite of the Cape Breton roots that I am so very proud of, I can appreciate that for all intents and purposes, I AM from away. So why … when I am enjoying the pleasures of retirement do I even make the time? Why I do care what happens to the animals on the other side of this province.
The short answer is of course because I do live in this province, I love animals and I believe with all my heart that it is possible to get to No Kill Nova Scotia within my lifetime.
Lately, when I’ve been doing updates for the homeless pet site, I have noticed something very interesting. In the past, whenever Petfinder listings were posted for the Cape Breton SPCA, they usually all came on board at once, and a few weeks later they would all disappear at the same time.
Since Feb 11th, when the last crew was listed, things have been gradually changing. Most of the original ‘crew’ have come off the site … but not all at once this time. Nope … one or two at a time the listings have been replaced with new faces, until only CLOE is left of the original crew.
Yesterday, just before supper, when I was doing site updates I REALLY noticed something different. Each and every one of the new listings actually had a bit of information, so now Cassity is the only one whose picture will have to be worth a thousand words, so to speak.
We now know that Chacha is spayed, utd with vaccines, “good with people and likes to play”. tee is 5 months old, utd with vaccines and good with other dogs. Decker is 2 years old and utd with vaccines. Jippy is 1-2 years old, Obyes most commands, likes to walk and loves people, and is up-to-date with routine shots. Handsome Tuffy F is utd with his vaccines. tany is 5 months old – good with other dogs and is utd with routine shots. Best of all … someone has taken the time to update CLOE ‘s bio to include the info that she is already spayed and utd with vaccines.
The bios don’t need to be chatty or clever or cute …. its such a huge step forward just to have this vital information included.
“In so much dark, no light is little” Mark van Doren

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