Two Bunny Box Babies Looking for a Home

These charming pics popped up in my inbox tonight … along with this appealing little story :
A motley crew of 4 kittens was dumped on the sidewalk outside a vet clinic to be discovered by the clinic staff. They were found quaking with fear in a stinking, filthy wooden box that was likely to have been used in the past for a bunny rabbit. As bad as it seems that they were dumped at all, I had to think that there were worse places to dump them or worse things to do to them than leave them outside a vet clinic.
We whisked these kitties away to my own vet that same day to be checked out, tested for FeLV/FIV, needled and treated for worms and fleas. After a few weeks in foster care, they were all spayed (all female; yikes!) and given their booster needle. The vet guestimates their age to be 5 months. They’re all set, ready and waiting for a home with someone who is interested in adopting some fully vetted kitties as family members.
The first 2 sisters have already found a wonderful home together and it is now our wish that the remaining sisters, Gabby and Holly, go together as well. They seem to have developed a close bond and besides – we want to minimize the stress of this final transition.
Gabby is a sleek black tuxedo, cute as a button, with a sweet, gentle disposition. She likes to watch the action when she’s not taking part in it. She’s really a sociable gadabout. Holly is the mackeral tabby and she has a calm, gentle disposition, albeit a bit shy. She tends to stay in the background of activity yet looks to be the one likely to become the biggest sook.
If you think you might be interested in these sisters, please open the conversation by telling me a little bit about yourself; such things as your home environment, previous pet history, student/employed status. Indoor environments are preferred and declawing is not an option. We would ask that you offer a donation to offset the vet costs for our ongoing rescue work; something in the order of $100 or more would be appreciated. We can offer a charitable receipt for your contribution. Please don’t ask that we consider less money; it takes away the possibility of rescuing another cat and the cost of vet care is prohibitive.
As you can appreciate, we are hoping to find the best home possible for these lovely creatures, especially given their less than auspicious beginning.
Thanks so much for your interest.]

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