The other kind of Yarmouth Cat

Its no secret that I’m a fan of adoption incentives. So I wasn’t surprised to get this article sent in jpg form ( for some odd reason its not online where it should be on …. sigh )
Its a shame that the specifics aren’t on the Yarmouth SPCA website, which is why I’m posting the article here … at the end of this post. If you’re having trouble reading it, click on the article for a larger version : )))
Maybe its being the oldest SPCA branch that has made these folks wiser … they don’t make excuses about being off the beaten path, or high unemployment or half a hundred other things reasons that another branch keeps falling back on.
If you haven’t been to their Petfinder page lately, go have a look. Visitors to their site don’t have to wonder whether a pet would suit their family. Noone has to guess how many pets are at their shelter. Tonight there are 57 pets listed, each with at least one nice picture and at least a little bit of detail.
The bottom line is that these folks use their petfinder listings to give potential adopters a good reason to drive to Yarmouth.
What time is it? Its always time to pull out all the stops for the animals.

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