On a morning like this

On a morning like this, I’m better than a barometer. Even before I set foot out the door with the dogs a few minutes ago, I didn’t need to look at the weather station to know it would be bitterly cold out. Every bit that has ever been operated on or injured smarts, even in the warm house.
Even on a morning like this, we have so much wildlife around here that I always go outside with the dogs in the play yard. Andy and I bundle up in our parkas before we head out. Sadly the big dogs will not wear warm coats … being of the unfortunate opinion that a coat is just a stuffy with more tug of war play potential.
On a morning like this, none of them waste any time attending to business outside, because they know I am resigned to what one friend refers to as wrestlemania inside on cold days.
On a morning like this … and until very recently … for every morning like this, twelve year old Jack has been chained outside like a lawn ornament instead of the living, breathing, loving sentient being that he is.
All those mornings like this have taken their toll. The vet believes that he has degenerative myelopathy and while it doesn’t cause him any pain, it does mean that he is slowly losing function in his hindquarters. In spite of this, he is a sweet and gentle soul who gets along well with every dog that ARC has had him with.
All those mornings like this and he is still generous enough to be super friendly and easy going.
After all those mornings like this, Jack might not have a lot of time. ARC is looking for someone who can offer this sweet old guy some long overdue TLC, so that he can live in peace and dignity for whatever time he has left.

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