Improving the odds

The lottery is up to thirteen million tonight, so odds are pretty good that most people remembered to get a ticket.
Its an even bigger gamble to be a homeless pet in this province … but over in Cape Breton there are some young people trying hard to improve things … at least in their corner of world.
This Saturday, the wonderful volunteers who have formed spca…adopt a dog ! will be bringing pets from the Cape Breton SPCA to the Mayflower Mall. They’ll be there from 1:30 to 4:30 pm in the hopes that great dogs like Blackout and Rufusmagoo will have a shot at meeting someone who might adopt them.
There are no guarantees that the animals will all get adopted … but like the lotto … the odds are better when they are out in the public eye.
At the end of the day …. the winning lottery ticket wouldn’t hold as much joy as the double barrelled satisfaction of saving a life while making a friend for life.

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