Double the fun

No ifs, ands or buts about it, its just more fun to live with more than one pet. Fun for us to watch them play and of course, its always fun for the pet to have someone right there to play with.
Adopting the first dog is always easy …. its finding the second one who will be the best fit with the first that can be a challenge for some. It helps if they are the same age and size …. as Ruby and Henry are.
In most instances, its possible to arrange for the ‘old’ dog and the ‘new’ one to meet. That will tell you if the two dogs can be polite to each other, but it won’t guarantee that they will become best of friends.
There is one surefire way to be sure that you will have two pets who suit each other …. and that is by adopting a bonded pair of adults. Coming out of the gate, the adopter already knows that the pets get along well. Why is that important?
Here in the real world, most people have to leave the house and they can’t always bring their pets with them. A bonded pair of adults will be a comfort to each other because they are never ‘home alone’.
When individual cats come into a multipet household, they aren’t always accepted by the ones already in place. For instance, in this house, George, Clive and Morgan are such good friends that it took them a long while to warm up to Dora and Oscar. Dora and Oscar had become quite devoted to each other during their journey from the wild to the garden shed and finally to the house. While they were waiting to be accepted by the ‘kiddles’, at least they had each other to play / sleep / hang out with.
Its a big change for any dog when they are rescued. Even good changes can take time to adjust to, and its at this time especially that its great for them to have the comfort of a familiar friend.
It doesn’t matter that life is better … what matters is that not everything will be quite so strange and new for a bonded pair. Before Bonnie and Clyde were rescued, they were used for breeding and never saw the inside of a house. Thanks to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue , these two great dogs have gone from knocking on heaven’s door in Georgia to the safety of life in a foster home in Nova Scotia.
Its all new and strange, but they are adjusting wonderfully because they are in it together.
It isn’t just Maddie and Kylie who are lucky that the Queens SPCA are willing to wait for an adopter willing to embrace them together …. the person who adopts this special pair of ladies will be pretty darned lucky too. They are well behaved, housetrained and best of all they already get along well together.

Grace and Pal came to the Yarmouth SPCA together and the staff at the shelter are hoping that they can find someone with enough heart to keep these good friends together. Pal is a senior and at the Yarmouth SPCA, that means that his adoption fee will be waived for an approved adopter …. so in this particular case it would be possible for the right home not to have to be put off by two adoption fees.

At the end of the day, bonded pets just settle in easier. Unlike the old chewing gum ad that promised ‘double the trouble’… they are generally much less trouble and just ever so much more fun.

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