Travelling in the right direction

Its Wednesday … and not just any wednesday. For these four dogs, it is their first wednesday in Canada which is of course the final leg of their journey by underdog railroad. They have all gone from knocking on heavens door down south to the safety of a second chance here in Nova Scotia.
Cazzie, the fellow with the yellow ball, came all the way from Tennessee. He is clearly enjoying the chance to stretch his legs and play. The ginger girl that he’s with in the fourth picture below is named Pretty and after being used for breeding she will need a bit of confidence building to blossom into her best self. Lowrider, may be an honorary shepherd, but in true sweet pitty style he has fit right in with the crew. Leah may have dodged the camera for all but one shot, but she is clearly not avoiding the rest of her fellow travellers.
Anyone with any questions about these great dogs should contact East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.
Update ….. Cazzie is still in need of a foster home. He’s young, about fifty pounds and Leah describes him as a well rounded fellow … he did very well at home when she went out .

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