Social networking for the animals in action

They have been getting a sneak preview of our Nova Scotia weather while they rest up in New Hampshire…. but on Wednesday they will finish their journey and find out first hand about life in Nova Scotia.
Leah, above, Sandi, Lowrider and Cazzie are living proof that social networking for the animals works. It is put to very good use to connect the volunteers working at the ground level down south with the rescues up north … weaving a web of love that sees them every step of the way.
These four will be coming to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue … who by the way are still looking for a couple of fosters for two of them and of course adopters as well so that they can begin their new and better lives.
Everyone on facebook who has been involved with these dogs describes Leah as sweet, Sandi as a bit shy, Lowrider as an absolute darling and Cazzie as a happy go lucky young lad.
From the pictures along the way it seems that Lowrider rode shotgun and was perfectly behaved for the whole long trip. They are all quite young and have been very resilient every step of the way. How do we know that? Because this social networking web of love for the animals has allowed the volunteers to stay engaged in the process even after the dogs have moved on to the next leg of their journey.
What time is it? Its time to recognize that if social networking tools are used properly like this, the future for the animals could actually become so bright that we might actually need shades.

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