Dreaming of white shepherds

They are no strangers to snow …. anyone who has followed the Rescues without Borders story knows that Bonnie and Clyde travelled through the first big storm of the season to reach Nova Scotia.
They might not have been used to snow before that in Georgia … but then neither were they used to any kindnesses or good care. Bonnie and Clyde spent their entire lives outside, until their owner decided they were too old for breeding and abandoned them to a horrible fate in a Georgia animal control shelter.
If a picture is worth a thousand words then these ones certainly speak volumes. Its pretty clear that these two great dogs really appreciate the fresh new good start at at a better life that they are finding with East Coast German Shepherd Rescue .
Unlike humans, they don’t question the value of this second chance. Nope … its pretty clear they are embracing the novelty of this new and better life … where the temperature is the only cold thing.

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