Next year ……

Tis the night before Christmas, and if there is anything stirring in this house, odds are it won’t be a mouse. With six cats snoozing in their favourite spots, any sensible mouse has long ago found friendlier digs.
Like many empty nesters, over the years I have simplified the season. Bit by bit … year by year … all the time consuming minutiae fell by the wayside so that the season can be properly enjoyed.
To be perfectly honest, if I was looking to adopt a pet, there would be nothing in this weeks routine that would pose a problem. I’m fifty five years old, which means that I am at the younger end of that favorite target market, the Baby Boomers.
We carry enough financial clout that customer savvy stores no longer have senior days …. they have ‘over 55’ discounts. As a group, Baby Boomers pride themselves on their compassion and their social conscience.
Successful companies understand the value of catering to a large market base. They appreciate that there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression with a customer. They are aware that Canadians seldom complain, they simply go elsewhere.
Next year, just imagine what could happen if the rescues and shelters were willing to let their adoptables go ‘home for the holidays” to the Baby Boomers? And before the keyboards catch on fire, no I am not advocating giving a pet as a gift. Why? Because a pet is not a thing, but a living breathing sentient being who deserves the opportunity to form a loving relationship with a kindred spirit.
Just imagine the possibilities. There is a target market of potential adopters, lovely kind people who have raised their own children and are generally financially stable enough to afford quality care for their pets. Even better, many of these folks have at least some experience with pets. Best of all, many of them are at least partially retired and so are well positioned to volunteer with the group who matches them with their new best friends.
What time is it? Its time to take a page from the profit sector and cater to the market base.

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