Cat Cottage Eye Candy can only cheer you up

On nights when it seems to be raining homeless cats and dogs …. when its hard to catch even a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel … its a real treat to find this years CAPS Christmas Cat Cottage pics waiting in my inbox.
(for the full lineup, go to Country Christmas, Kitty Style )
The pictures are so perfect and so pretty, it would be easy to overlook a couple of salient facts.
The first of course being that there are no elves to keep the cat cottages in such lovely … and immaculate .. comfort. Every day, everything is scrubbed out .. taking hours of hard work that Anna refers to as “chores”. From the refurbished furniture to the appealing decorations …. every little bit is powered by love for the animals without a paid employee anywhere to be found.
The second bit being that there are over 200 cats in CAPS‘ care … 200 cats that were either tossed aside like rubbish until they were picked up by Annapolis County AC … or who were born to the unfortunate little mothers who were picked up by AC.
Whenever I worry that nothing can be changed for the animals, I remind myself that CAPS is just having its fifth birthday this month. In five short years … powered completely by volunteer love …. they have made a real change for the animals.
When Van Horne laid the original line for the CPR, he had construction crews working westward through the prairies and eastward from British Columbia until the tracks met in Craigellachie, BC. At the time, it was so commonly thought to be a pipe dream that our first Prime Minister was actually ousted for five years.
Yet within three years of its completion, CPR was back in the black and went on to be a leader in the transportation industry for the next century.
In a sense, every little Nova Scotia animal rescue group is “laying track” right now. The road to No Kill Nova Scotia isn’t a pipe dream … its a journey that is moving forward because of this type of love for the animals.

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