She could be the spice of someone’s life.

When I first saw this face six months ago, I was sure she would be adopted quickly…. and she was. At the time her name was Cinnamon and she was like a poster girl for a family dog. Sweet. Well behaved. Gentle. Loved everyone and everything.
Nope …. I wasn’t one bit surprised to have to take her listing off the homeless pet site almost as fast as I’d put it up.
My vet …. whose advice I’ve learned to trust over the years …. once told me that it really takes a rescued dog six months to really feel safe and secure. That doesn’t mean they won’t fit in or learn the home rules. Rather, it means that six months is the average time it takes a dog to relax and trust that their new home isn’t a temporary thing.
So just imagine for a moment what it would be like should the dog hit that lovely six month place … and instead of being able to let out her breath and relax she gets returned to the rescue she was adopted from? And before the keyboards catch on fire, within my experience I have seen this type of thing happen to pretty much everyone … no matter how carefully they screen.
Granted, in some situations the adopter might have overestimated either their own training skills or their family’s patience with transition. There are dogs that need a special environment that not everyone has the skills or the resources to provide.
Her name is Ginger now …. and she is heavier than she was in last summers photos, which were taken at the start of summer, when everything was fresh and green. She is understandably bewildered to be back with CAPS ….. just as she was beginning to believe that she could relax and trust. Its a safe bet that she hasn’t been getting the exercise she needs to be healthy either.
When I adopted my sweet O Henry from CAPS , Janice was very forthright about his issues. There were NO surprises when I brought him home … I knew we had work to do but he was so sweet, and got along so well with Ruby and McG that I knew it would be time well spent to teach him our house rules. I knew he wasn’t house trained. I knew about the resource guarding. He wouldn’t have been the boy for everyone, but he is definitely the guy for me. We built a solid relationship while we were building trust.
I already have everything in the world I could possibly want. My only child grew up to be a wonderful, creative woman. She is successful in the field of her choice, married to a man who respects women and they are both happily well engaged in parenting my granddaughter. I was able to retire when I was fifty. I have a warm dry home in a neighbourhood I love. Best of all, there is never a dull moment when I am surrounded by so much love …… with three dogs and six cats. I may not be rich but I’m lucky enough to lead a rich life.
So this year I have asked Santa for something different …. I’d like him to find someone more reliable and committed for this sweet and gentle disappointed dog …. someone who would see her as the kindred spirit who could be the spice of their life.

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