Fire and Thunder on their way through the storm

Meet Fire and Thunder … they were surrendered by the breeder who owned them, even though he full well understood that owner surrenders in Georgia are always the first to be killed to make room at AC shelters.
Fire ( with the scar on her nose) is nine and Thunder, the male, is six and a half.
They have lived together outside for their whole lives and have bonded very closely as a result.
Before heading north, they found temporary refuge with the Lexington Humane Society, who say that they are great dogs and very good with other dogs off leash. They tested well with a cat in a carrier but in all honesty no one is quite sure how they would react with a cat who ran away.
While we are waiting to see if the latest Nor’easter coming up from New England will hit or will miss us, these two dogs, along with two other lovelies, are in a vehicle with the tireless Jennifer and on their way North to freedom in Nova Scotia.
One of the great dogs, is already slated to head off to a husky rescue, and the other lucky refugee from the gas chamber is a handsome black shepherd named Skillet, who will be joining Fire and Thunder at East Coast German Shepherd Rescue. Out of the original Georgia 12, Jose, Benson, Max and Brody are the only ones still waiting for their fresh start with their own Forever Homes.
So while you are dreaming of dashing through the snow, remember that love and compassion are the real reason for the season.

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