Tis the Season …. Its time for SHAID’s Home for the Holidays

Tis the season … and that means that its time for SHAID’s Home for the Holidays adoption incentive program for the kitties who have been at their shelter for more than six months. Once again, they will underwrite half the adoption fee for the lovely cats …. each of them purrfect in their own way and everyone of them has somehow been overlooked by adopters.
This year, I still like the idea for all the same reasons that I did last year. It isn’t just that its kind… although of course it is. It isn’t just their ability to understand that adoption incentives do work.
It is simply that they understand that adoption incentives are great attention getting devices for all the animals in their care. What is that word I hear? Ah … it is good publicity for the animals, hmmm?
These kitties can’t sing you a carol or bake your plum pudding. But each and everyone of them can offer you years of love and purrs, long after the holiday trimmings have all been put away.

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