Stay safe….. today is the first day of deer hunting season

Honestly, I wouldn’t have remembered if my best friend, who does hunt, reminded me …. but today is the first day of deer hunting season.
Wearing orange in the woods isn’t just common sense throughout hunting season …. its actually the law, and my friend thought the fine was $75 – $80, but that it might have gone up.
I don’t hunt, but a couple of years ago I took the Canadian Tire gift cards from my birthday and bought one of their very cool (to this middle aged geeky granny : ))) hunting jackets.
The big dog’s hunting vests I got at MacBeths and this year Andy will be sporting the little one that McG had for years and years.
We go hiking on private land …. and nobody SHOULD be hunting there. But it is woods, and in NS a hunter is legally allowed to cross property lines to follow a deer that has been wounded.
Better safe than sorry, eh?

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