Temporary foster needed while petowner finds new pet friendly housing

Meet Mickey …. he is one of the lucky dogs because his owner is pulling out all the stops to keep her best friend. Mickey’s Mom is looking for a new apartment and hopes to find a pet friendly one by the beginning of December.
Mickey weighs 8 lbs and is litter trained. His Mom is hoping for a foster without children or other pets … and she is willing to pay for his food, litter and anything else Mickey needs while he is in foster.
If you, or anyone you know can help, you can contact Mickey’s Mom at either mickeymo@live.ca or at 477-1959.
Transportation can be provided to bring Micky anywhere in mainland Nova Scotia or even to the Moncton area and to bring him back home when his Mom finds a new pet friendly apartment.
In a world where far too many are far too casual about commitment to their good pets, its great to be reminded that there are also people like Mickey’s Mom who believe that pet ownership is a lifetime journey.

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