One Percent

When I came back from the feed store, this comment was waiting for approval Could you elaborate on your 1% statement. It seems to me that there are more than 3500 homeless animals in all of NS.
By all means:

  • There are 393 cats and dogs listed on Petfinder this morning. Sadly, not all the groups and shelters list all their adoptables, so it would sensible to guestimate that there are actually five hundred actually in rescue and shelters …. because of course the society keeps assuring us that they are listing all their available adoptables.
  • The one percent refers to adoptable pets …. and all of the experts agree that TNR, not adoption, is the only effective and humane solution to the feral cat overpopulation problem in NS
  • Admitedly there are a couple of wildcards …. there are no accurate figures on the number of animals in the custody of AC’s around the province and it would be sheer speculation to guess.
  • Nor are there any numbers on the number of homeless pets who are either not old enough or well enough to be adopted.

Even so … right here right now, if 3500 people were looking to adopt today, there wouldn’t be enough animals available for them,hmmm?

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