Another great initiative in Cape Breton for the animals

from this morning’s Cape Breton Post
New program will help SPCA in its spaying and neutering activities The Cape Breton Post
John MacPhail has developed a new program for the Cape Breton SPCA, the Second Chance campaign, which hopes to reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs through a specially designed donation program to have pets spayed or neutered. Submitted photo
The Cape Breton Post
SYDNEY — John MacPhail is a self-described animal lover, which has led him to develop a new program for the Cape Breton SPCA.The Second Chance campaign is a bid by MacPhail and the SPCA to reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs through a specially designed donation program to have those pets spayed or neutered.

“The program is opened to anyone but, for now, it is really geared for those pet owners who have a limited income,” explained MacPhail, who is spearheading the initiative for the SPCA.
He said he approached the local SPCA about the program and their support is overwhelming. In addition to making a donation to the program, MacPhail is also hoping donors will also become society members.
A $50 donation will cover the cost for a male cat while a $60 donation will cover a female. A $75 donation will cover a male dog while a $90 donation will cover a female.MacPhail said all donations will receive an income tax receipt.
Campaign pledge sheets will soon be available for businesses and other groups to display for the public and MacPhail said any group wanting to participate can contact him at 577-9899.
In spite of numerous efforts by the SPCA, there continues to be a cat problem in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
“There are months we have 300-400 cats come in one month,” said manager Patsy Rose, in an earlier interview with the Cape Breton Post.
Last year the society adopted out approximately 1,500 of the cats to come through the doors, but was forced to euthanize some 1,093.
This only confirms what I’ve believed all along …. there is no shortage of animal lovers in Cape Breton. For at least the last couple of years, there has been a municipal spay neuter assist program, but the 300 cat ceiling for that has paled in comparison with the numbers admitted to the Cape Breton SPCA.
Since the provincial board directed the Cape Breton Branch to stop using the gas chamber, this is the second locally driven initiative that has come to light and there are likely many more small bits that are all adding up to help that aren’t evening hitting the news.
As I understand it from the February 14, 2009 (Cape Breton) minutes of the provincial site visit, the Cape Breton Branch no longer accepts feral cats or owner surrenders to be killed. Animals are being transferred from the branch to Metro and beyond. All of this could add up to a better outcome for more animals.
Just imagine the possibilities if the Branch was to use their petfinder listings properly. There is no need to wait for donations because there is no charge for the service.
This morning there are still only those two little doves listed on the Cape Breton SPCA petfinder site. I don’t have to tell anyone what time it is, eh?

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