A friend in need

Meet Mandy. You can see she is a beauty, and she certainly doesn’t look like an eight year old gal. Mandy is affectionate and playful …. spayed and fully up to date on her vaccines and she is housebroken and crate trained. She is everything you would expect an English Springer Spaniel to be.
If you have small kids or are looking for an easy life, she will not be the girl for you, no matter how beautiful she is. Mandy needs an experienced dog owner who can set the boundaries she needs to restore her confidence and become her best self.
Mandy found her way to Springer Spaniel Rescue after her owners didn’t want her anymore and dropped her off at a shelter. Since then, she hasn’t had the stability of a knowledgeable long term foster. Mandy has become unsure of herself and is in urgent need of someone who can rebuild her trust by being willing to make either a long term fostering committment or to adopt her. For more information, contact info@srecc.org

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