A hilarious little twist on Kijiji

this was posted in the ‘to give or donate section” of Kijiji today

Free to a good home – two male HUMANS – father and son combo. Breaks my heart to have to part with them as I’ve had them for such a long time. The trouble is – I’m afraid one is going to seriously hurt the other if they continue to live in the family home and obedience classes for either one is out of the question (aka expensive). In addition, all of a sudden I’ve become allergic to the younger one! The older one does need a bit more attention – certainly is in good health, but urinates and poops on the floor when left alone for more than 12 hours, isn’t walked or played with. I would like to keep them together or the suppressed behaviourial problems might surface. They are used to being ignored and would thrive with the right attention.
I guess I should have done the research before committing to such a huge responsibility and forever screwing up their lives.

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